Zener Cards


About the Deck:  Zener cards were developed through a collaboration between Dr. Karl Zener of Duke University and J.B. Rhine, a Harvard biologist, in the late 1920s, and are still being used in parapsychology experiments, today.

The standard Zener deck consists of 25 cards containing five of each of the following symbols: circle, star, square, plus sign, and 3 wavy lines. Some decks are printed in black and white, others assign a color to each symbol.

When using the deck to test for or develop telepathic skills, the deck is shuffled by the sender who then focuses on one card at a time. The receiver says or writes down which symbol the sender is focusing on. Generally, the receiver is in another room or building.

You may find that you are a good “sender” and your friend is a good “receiver” or vice versa. Knowing where your strengths are will help you customize any magical or energy workings you might wish to do.

If you are using a Zener deck alone, you are most likely exercising your precognitive skills or remote viewing.

Test yourself or practice with the deck provided below. If you have never used a Zener deck before, scoll down for instructions.

Practice and Test Yourself

  1. Grab a pen and paper or your Magick Journal, write “Zener” today’s date and time. Optional: include moon phase information you feel is relevant. Now draw a line down the center and title one side “Hit” and the other “Miss.”
  2. Find a quiet time when you are not likely to be distracted. 
  3. Take some time to study the image at the top of the page, taking note of the five symbols and five colors. 
  4. Prepare yourself by grounding. Take three slow and deep breaths. 
  5. When you are ready click “Shuffle” then click on the card or “Flip all cards” (there is only one at a time). 
  6. Focus yourself, but do not try to “see” or guess. NOTE:  As you work through the cards, you may find that you can sense colors better than shapes or vice versa. Or you might find that you sense both. Notice that I use the word “sense.” You may not “see” a color or shape, but rather pick up on it using any of your senses. You might only see clues as to what it is (e.g. a straight line, some blue water, a ball…). 
  7. Now click the card to turn it over. Put a hash mark in the hit or the miss column of your sheet. Hit “Shuffle” for the next card. You can go through as many cards as you like, but do at least 25. 
  8. To determine your score, add the hashtags in the “hit” column, then in the “miss.” Then add them both to get the total cards you turned. Then divide your “hits” by the total. For example:  15 hits + 30 misses = 45. Dividing the part by whole and multiplying the result with 100 gives 15/45 × 100 = 33.33%. I am hoping to add a calculator to this page very soon.

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