Street Address & House Number Numerology

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Where people live can have an effect on them.

It’s the numbers associated with the street address and with the house number — or flat or apartment number, depending on what type of unit their residence is.

The influence might not be noticed at first. It’s a subtle influence. Thus, it tends to be cumulative, a gradual assimilation of the resonance of the influence.

The longer a person lives in a residence with a certain number and at a certain address, the more likely they are to experience at least some influence. Short-term visitors are unlikely to be affected.

The influence is from energy revealed through numerology calculations. The numerical result represents the influence. The influence is then interpreted in relation to what they apply to.

The compatibility of a person to the street address and house number influence can be calculated with the major name numbers of their numerology chart.

There is a free online calculator linked to further below. It does the calculations and presents the interpretations. It also includes a compatibility quotient for every name specified as a resident.

Two Types of Numerology Energy Influence

In numerology, there are two distinct types of influence, intrinsic and ambient.

Intrinsic influence: This is the influence found in a person’s numerology chart. The influence is from the energies represented by the numbers calculated with a person’s name and birth date.

Ambient influence: This is the influence of things outside a person — like house numbers and street addresses where a person spends a good amount of time. Telephone numbers and vehicle plates or license numbers are additional examples of ambient influence.


Compatibility depends on how well the intrinsic influence resonates with the ambient influence.

For residence numbers and addresses, compatibility is calculated by relating the name numbers with the residence and address numbers.

Generally, ambient influences have less effect than intrinsic influences.

Intrinsic influence relates to the nature or essence of a person. Ambient influence is in the person’s immediate area, not an intrinsic part of a person.

Although a higher compatibility makes a good experience more likely, the residents themselves have more to do with the quality of the home than the house number or address does.

Free Online Calculator

Street Address and Residence Number Calculator is the free online calculator.

Specify the house number (or flat or apartment number) and/or the street address. The calculator will respond with an interpretation of the influence for what you provided.

If you also specify the names of the people who will be living in that residence, the calculator will respond with an indication of how compatible each person is with the house number and street address that were provided.

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