Numerology Chart Labels


Numerology calculations on a name and the person’s birth date can reveal different types of things. These are related to personal characteristics and tendencies, and the types of events and circumstances likely to happen as the person lives life.

Each item calculated has a label given to it. The label refers to a numerology chart position. And each position represents energy that a numerologist may interpret. When the items are presented in a visual manner — on paper or in an app, as examples — the result is referred to as a numerology chart. Each item on the chart has a label . And therein can come confusion. The same chart position may be referred to by different names.

Further, a specific name may be used for different chart positions. As an example, “Destiny” is used by some for the birth date number and by others as the name number. (This website uses “Destiny” for the position occupied in the chart by the most important name number.) This article is an attempt to remove confusion stemming from the apparent haphazard naming.

There is no official numerology organization that all professional numerologists adhere to. Thus, labels given to chart positions are up to individual numerologists. When a professional numerologist interprets the energy of a chart position, their interpretation is affected by how they view or understand the energy. The positions are named according to the numerologist’s understanding of the energy they represent or how their mentor named the position. Be all that as it may, most numerologists have similar-meaning names for most numerology chart positions, each name a reflection of the energy represented by the position.

This table lists numerology chart positions that are referred to by various names.

Calculation DataPosition Labels
Name (all letters)Destiny
Ultimate Goal
Integrated Self
Name VowelsHeart’s Desire
Soul’s Urge
Inner Urge
Name ConsonantsPersonality
Quiescent Self
Inner Dreams
Name and Birth DatePower
Birth DateLife Path
Birth Day of MonthPsychic Number
Birth Number
Ruling Number
Birth Day, Month, and YearLife Period Cycle
Life Cycle
Period Cycle
First Letter of NameCornerstone
Innate Talents
Inner Talents

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