Mystery Fate Game

Play & Learn the Tarot! I developed this game, based loosely on the old “Mystery Date” game of the 1960s, to help new card readers learn how to read the Tarot. I use the Smith-Rider-Waite deck because it is the structure used to create most Tarot decks. I personally believe that it is important to learn on this deck before moving on to others. Once you learn this deck, you will be able to read with most any.

You can just play the game and just have fun while learning, or you can receive full benefit by grabbing a journal and writing down your Mystery Fate cards and impressions for future reference as you are learning.

How it Works:  It is very simple. Based on the cards that you draw, you will create a very short story in your mind about a blind date. This short story will help you learn and remember the general meaning of the card. It also gives you practice and prepares you for doing readings for others. 

Focus and a strong but controlled imagination are import for any type of divination, and the ability to articulate a story is key to great card reading. Every time you lay a spread, you are revealing pieces of a story. As a reader, your job is to interpret the pieces and then put them together so they make sense when you relay it to your querent. Come back and play this game often to learn the cards, practice your storytelling skills, and to sharpen your skills.

A Note about Card Meanings:  Keep in mind that card meanings change based on the situation and the person you are reading for. Sometimes a reading is true to the standard keywords, other times it is based solely off of what you pick up from the person or what catches your eye in the card.

Flip All Cards


Deception, Trickery, Tactics and Strategy

Reversed: Coming Clean, Rethinking Approach, Deception



Direction, Control, Willpower

Reversed: Lack of Control, Lack of Direction, Aggression



Rapid Action, Movement, Quick Decisions

Reversed: Panic, Waiting, Slowing Down

First Impression

What is Revealed

Where this is Headed

Read the game scenario below, then click “shuffle,” then click each card to flip, click again for card keywords.

Game Scenario:  You are going on an imaginary date. A friend has set you up on a blind date. You arrange to meet for a cup of tea to get to know each other.

  1.  You enter the tea house and by clicking the first card and you get your first look at your date. This first card represents your first intuitive impression. S/he does not see you enter. How is s/he acting while waiting for you? What else do you see? What do you sense? Jot this down in your journal. Now, click again on that card again to reveal a short list of keywords. Did your intuition pick up on any of these? Use some of these keywords to add to the first impression.
  2. You walk in, take a seat across from him/her. It’s time to start chatting to get to know each other. Click on the next card. This card represents how your date presents him/herself to you through words and actions. What is the card telling you? What can you hear him/her saying? Imagine the conversation you are having. What is s/he revealing? Do the two of you seem to connect? Again, make note, then click the card again to see some keywords. Note if you hit on any of them and then add to your entry.
    Before moving on to the third card, refer back to the first card. Do your dates actions and words match your first impression? If not, do you get the sense that you were mistaken or that your date is not being truthful? What is revealed by combining these two cards? Again, make notes.
  3. The third card represents the outcome of your date. What do you see going forward? Don’t always opt for the obvious answer, instead look closely. Does this last card help clarify something? Will you see him/her again? Do you want to? Does s/he want to? Does it look like a relationship, friendship, or partnership could result? Or is s/he a dud? Do you need a second date to get more information? If so, take your notes, check the keywords, etc. then hit shuffle to go on your second date.

Comment below on your “date!”

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