About the Deck:  The Barbara Walker Tarot deck  is comprised of the standard 56 card Minor Arcana and 22 card Major Arcana in standard playing card size (2 ⅜” x 3 ⅞”), and was copyrighted in 1986, by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. of New York. The deck comes with a 48-page little white booklet that includes an introduction, general theories of the differences between the Major and Minor Arcana cards, a brief description of each card and its possible meaning in a reading, uses of the cards including a modified version of the Celtic Cross spread, and a detailed explanation of the back design. The meanings do not include a reverse interpretation.

This 1986 edition  of the deck is no longer in print, however you can purchase the newer version which colors are not as vibrant. Its box states, “Based upon the Barbara G. Walker’s book, ‘The Secrets of the Tarot,’ this 78 card deck in full color contains symbolism related to matriarchal beliefs, female sexuality, pagan rites, goddess religions and Christian adaptations.” 

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Barbara Walker Tarot
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Ace of Pentacles

Wealth, possessions, money
matters, security, property, material rewards, that is, from the Mother (mater), or “earth,” the gypsy synonym for money.

Love Ace of Cups

Pleasure, happiness, fruitfulness, birth, home, nourishment, satisfaction, caring. As the power of love has always done, this card enhances other good influences and mitigates bad ones.

2 The Papess

Scholarship, teaching, revelation, entrance to the temple of Wisdom

9 The Hermit

Isolation, quest for enlightenment, meditation, and rejection of secular concerns, delving into the unconscious, self-imposed exile or solitude, a process of rehabilitation.

Card 1

What or who is the main influencer in this situation.

Card 2
Status Quo

The existing state of affairs

Card 3

What to expect if you continue on this current path.

Card 4
Course of Action

The best course of action to get the desired result.


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