About the Deck:  Italian artist Luigi Scapini’s lavish paintings recreate 15th century Italy in this gold-accented tarot deck. The Major Arcana and court cards have gold backgrounds in the manner of fifteenth-century European decks. Both the Major and Minor Arcana include full scenes. In the Minors, symmetrical arrangements of the suit symbols provide composition around which the scenes are arranged.

The depth of Scapini’s art history expertise is evident in his lush settings and period costumes. Interesting details, and sometimes-humorous references, are cleverly imbedded in the artwork, with many of the cards depicting historical figures, for example, Rasputin as the Knight of Cups. Readers will easily relate to the universal situations revealed in the cards, for pleasurable and insightful readings.

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Medieval Scapini Tarot
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Departure. A journey. Advancement into the unknown. Alteration. Flight. Absence.
Change of residence.

Reverse: Discord. Interruption. Unexpected change. Quarreling. Breakup of personal relationship ips. Rupture. Discontinuance.

X of Cups

Home. Happiness. Joy. Pleasure. Peace. Contentment. Good family life. Esteem. Virtue. Reputation.

Reversed: Loss of friendship. Unhappiness. Family quarrel. Pettiness. Rage. Combat. Differences of opinion.

XI Force

Control over a situation.Strength. Courage. Fortitude. Energy. Resolution. Defiance. Action. Awareness of temptations and the ability to overcome them. Confidence. Innate ability. Zeal. Fervor. Mind over matter. Accomplishment. Attainment at considerable peril. Conquest. Hidden forces at work are challenged. Heroism. Virility.
Strength to endure in spite of all obstacles.

Reverse: Weakness. Pettiness. Impotence. Sickness. Tyranny. Lack of faith. Abuse of power. Succumbing to temptation. Indifference. Physical circumstances overwhelm the will.

Card 1

What or who is the main influencer in this situation.

Card 2
Status Quo

The existing state of affairs.

Card 3

What to expect if continued on current path.

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