Core Numbers Calculator

Every complete numerology chart has core numbers. The core numbers provide details upon which the numerology chart is built and represent energies with the biggest impact on a person’s life.

Each core number position on a numerology chart represents energy that has a high likelihood of substantial influence and effect.

Unless a specialized reading is the purpose, numerology readings are based on the core numbers. They are the foundation. Without the core, the rest would have little foundation upon which to be expressed.

See The Core Numbers of Numerology article for more information.

Use the tool below to get your core numbers. Once you receive your numbers, here: Destiny, Life Path, Birth Day, Heart’s Desire, Personality to learn more about these numbers. If you click the links within the boxed area, you will be taken to the 3rd party website.

This calculator is provided courtesy of Affinity Numerology and clicking on any links found within the calculator area will take you to their website. We are not affiliated with Affinity Numerology.

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