Ancestral Traits Found in Family Name

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The family name influences a person’s life – perhaps not enough to notice, perhaps to a great extent.

Your family name, sometimes referred to as the last name, represents an ancestral thread that culminates with you. It represents a common influence from the first time the family name was assumed all the way to the present.

The family name represents the common influence family members tend to follow. Not all and not always, but the tendency is there. The influence leads up to who the individual is now.

The most likely influences are revealed with the ancestral traits number. The ancestral traits number is derived from the family name.

The energy represented by the ancestral traits number relates to a person’s sense of self — of their historical depth. It generally affects a person’s point of view of life, how life is approached and lived.

The influence makes certain characteristics more likely and ties a family together with a similar history and approach to life.

Some or most of the energy your ancestral traits number represents is likely what you are also experiencing.

Common Ancestral Traits Revealed With Numerology

As stated, the ancestral traits number is derived from the family name.

Although having similarity with others of the same family name, the same ancestral traits number, life experience itself is very personal. Your family name tends to influence you just like it has all of your ancestors with the same family name.

Individuals have free will. However, most will show the ancestral traits to a greater or lesser degree. You are a unique individual.

Finding Ancestral Traits

To find your ancestral traits number and interpretation, use the online ancestral traits tool. The calculator responds with:

  1. The number calculated as the ancestral traits number.
  2. An interpretation of the energy represented by the ancestral traits number.

In essence, here is how the calculations are done:

  1. The number values of every letter of the family name are added together.
  2. The result of the addition is reduced to a single digit. That single digit is the ancestral traits number.

If you prefer to calculate your ancestral traits number manually, the name number calculations page has instructions. Calculate only your family name. The “all letters” number will be the ancestral traits number.

Here is an interpretation of each ancestral traits number.

Ancestral traits number 1

There’s a tendency to be independent in thinking and lifestyle. Many are self-reliant business people, entrepreneurs. Some become leaders, generally of groups who prefer to follow an independent individual. Self-sufficiency and self-determination tend to be outstanding characteristics.

Ancestral traits number 2

Relationships generally are considered as important or more important than individual self-determination. Individuals of this family tend to be mediators. Individuals with diplomatic careers are likely, as are careers requiring teamwork.

Ancestral traits number 3

The individuals of this family tend to be optimistic and inspirational. There is much creative talent in this family. Creativity is self-expression and can be through any creative venue — one-on-one communication, playing and composing music, designing, painting, crafting, acting, etc.

Ancestral traits number 4

Pragmatism and methodology tend to be characteristics in this family that gets things done. A focus on building a secure future is an incentive. Individuals tend to be dependable and conscientious.

Ancestral traits number 5

The family tends to be versatile and have many different interests, but mostly related to communication, travel, cultural exchange, sales, legal, and artistic endeavors such as writing and entertainments related to theater. Individuals tend to insist on expressing their sense of freedom and may change careers suddenly.

Ancestral traits number 6

Individuals of this family tend to be nurturers and thrive on home- and family-related responsibilities. They also tend to have strong beliefs. Beauty, justice, charity, love, harmony, home, and family all tend to be viewed as being highly important.

Ancestral traits number 7

Scientists and educators tend to populate this family — careers that require the use of a strong intellect. Individuals tend to be intuitive with far-reaching insight; also articulate, and somewhat of a perfectionist.

Ancestral traits number 8

The family tends to be professional with authority in specific areas of economics, business, or law. Individuals lean toward financial and material abundance. Management of business operations seems to run in the family. Individuals tend to have a strong personality.

Ancestral traits number 9

Humanitarian and philanthropic individuals tend to populate this family. Individuals tend to be benevolent, generous, tolerant, and compassionate. The generosity extends to giving of time, talent, and money. Individuals tend to have their own vision of an ideal society.


Family names reveal common ancestral traits. Get a reading on your family name and see how much you are or are not like your ancestors, your parents, and your siblings.

Street Address & House Number Numerology

street, sign, address

Where people live can have an effect on them.

It’s the numbers associated with the street address and with the house number — or flat or apartment number, depending on what type of unit their residence is.

The influence might not be noticed at first. It’s a subtle influence. Thus, it tends to be cumulative, a gradual assimilation of the resonance of the influence.

The longer a person lives in a residence with a certain number and at a certain address, the more likely they are to experience at least some influence. Short-term visitors are unlikely to be affected.

The influence is from energy revealed through numerology calculations. The numerical result represents the influence. The influence is then interpreted in relation to what they apply to.

The compatibility of a person to the street address and house number influence can be calculated with the major name numbers of their numerology chart.

There is a free online calculator linked to further below. It does the calculations and presents the interpretations. It also includes a compatibility quotient for every name specified as a resident.

Two Types of Numerology Energy Influence

In numerology, there are two distinct types of influence, intrinsic and ambient.

Intrinsic influence: This is the influence found in a person’s numerology chart. The influence is from the energies represented by the numbers calculated with a person’s name and birth date.

Ambient influence: This is the influence of things outside a person — like house numbers and street addresses where a person spends a good amount of time. Telephone numbers and vehicle plates or license numbers are additional examples of ambient influence.


Compatibility depends on how well the intrinsic influence resonates with the ambient influence.

For residence numbers and addresses, compatibility is calculated by relating the name numbers with the residence and address numbers.

Generally, ambient influences have less effect than intrinsic influences.

Intrinsic influence relates to the nature or essence of a person. Ambient influence is in the person’s immediate area, not an intrinsic part of a person.

Although a higher compatibility makes a good experience more likely, the residents themselves have more to do with the quality of the home than the house number or address does.

Free Online Calculator

Street Address and Residence Number Calculator is the free online calculator.

Specify the house number (or flat or apartment number) and/or the street address. The calculator will respond with an interpretation of the influence for what you provided.

If you also specify the names of the people who will be living in that residence, the calculator will respond with an indication of how compatible each person is with the house number and street address that were provided.

Core Numbers of Numerology


The core of something is its center. The core numbers of numerology represent two things:

  1. Details about a person upon which the person’s numerology chart is built.
  2. Numerology energies with the biggest impact on a person’s life.

There are various opinions on what is and is not a core number. Professional practitioners of traditional Pythagorean numerology generally agree that there are either two or five core numbers.

When it comes right down to it, “core” is a label. The energy a number represents at certain positions of a numerology chart doesn’t change depending on whether it is or is not labeled as a core number.

In this article, I’ll discuss the relevance and importance of each of the two and the five core numbers and the energy they represent.

Each of the core number positions has a high likelihood of substantial influence and impact on a person’s life.

There are specialized readings focused on certain things. Examples are street address readings, marriage compatibility readings, and readings to find auspicious dates for certain planned events.

The core numbers addressed here are for traditional or general numerology readings, which may be short free readings or comprehensive paid readings.

Like many positions of a numerology chart, these core positions are known by various names. The core status of a chart position is independent of the name it has. Rather, the core status of a position is determined by what information is used to calculate the numbers for the position.

Two Core Numbers

The two most important numbers in a numerology chart is the basic information about a person upon which the person’s numerology chart is built.

That information is the birth name number and the birth date number. The two numbers represent the energy that can influence all other number positions in the chart. They are the core.

One of the two core numbers represents the person themself. The other represents the person’s path through life.

All calculations for the entire chart use either the name or the date (and, in some instances, both).

Birth Name Core Number

All name-related chart positions are calculated using the person’s name.

The core birth name number is the destiny number. It is considered to be a core number by virtually all professional numerologists.

The destiny number represents the numerology energy related to who and what a person is, and will evolve into or become more of — the essence of the individual a person recognizes as themself.

Birth Date Core Number

Similar to the birth name core number, all date-related chart positions are calculated using the person’s birth date. It is considered to be a core number by virtually all professional numerologists.

The core birth date number is the life path number.

The life path number represents the numerology energy related to events and circumstances likely to manifest persistently or intermittently during a person’s entire life.

Five Core Numbers

Two of the five core numbers are the two core numbers addressed in the previous section, the birth name and the birth date numbers. The rest of the five are addressed in this section.

One of these is based on the birth date. The other two are based on the birth name. They are specialized aspects of the core numbers already addressed.

Birth Day Core Number

This number is calculated from the day of birth, the calendar day part of the birth date. It is the person’s birth day number, a number with a special interpretation.

The energy represented by the birth day number resonates as a perspective, with how opportunities and challenges are viewed and approached, and with the strongest abilities and talents.

It is a life-long influence.

Vowels Core Number

This number is calculated from the vowels of a person’s birth name. It is the person’s heart’s desire number.

It is calculated from an aspect of the name and, thus, is related to who and what the person is and their outlook on life.

The energy represented by the heart’s desire number imparts an inner urge experienced from birth to transition — a perpetual motivation and a source of personal values. The energy is often what drives the person, a foundation upon which decisions and actions are based.

Consonants Core Number

This number is calculated from the consonants of a person’s birth name. It is the person’s personality number.

It is an aspect of the name related to who and what the person is, the individual they recognize as themself.

The energy represented by the personality number provides a glimpse into how the person perceives themself. It can also influence how a person presents themself to the world and how they approach life. It is this energy that often provides the essence of a first impression people have of the person.

The Core Numbers

The core numbers calculator can be used to calculate each of the core numbers mentioned here.

The core numbers are the ones in position to have the most influence on the energy represented by a person’s numerology chart and, thus, on the person themself.

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