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  1. First search to see if your question has already been asked.
  2. If it has not, scroll down to “Ask Question,” type out your question, and then watch your email for notification of an answer.
  3. Once you enter a Q&A page you will notice that there are sections under both the question and also the answers for you to add comments. Each section is labeled with “comment” and “leave a comment.” These should read “comment title” and “details” but the programmer oddly worded it this way so we might be stuck with it.
  4. You will notice a set of arrows on the left of each question and answer, they are for rating the questions and answers with +1 or -1.
  1. To be kind
  2. If you disagree with someone’s answer you will now bicker, but kindly state my point of view and move on
  3. If you do not know, do not answer – do not guess
  4. Do not post any outside links
  5. Do not self-promotion. 
  6. Do not promote other websites, etc.
  7. Do not spam
  8. Stick to the subject at hand
  9. State references when possible (where did you learn the info that you are giving)
  10. Do not give out your personal information
  11. Do not ask for anyone’s person information
  12. Do not give no advice that can cause physical harm


Seek wisdom in books, rare manuscripts, and cryptic poems if you will, but seek it out also in simple stones, and fragile herbs, and in the cries of wild birds. Listen to the whisperings of the wind and the roar of water if you would discover magic, for it is here that the old secrets are preserved.

~ Scott Cunningham