High Priestess

High Priestess (HPriestess.com) is part of the Union of Solitaries network of websites focused on educating and supporting the Pagan community. High Priestess offers information on various forms of divination with fun ways to experiment and learn.

High Priestess is a proud supporter of the self-published Tarot and Oracle deck authors and artists. We have created a platform where they can show their beautiful work and our members can view and try the decks using our free self-draw readings. Members of High Priestess and also book personal readings with participating deck author.

Union of Solitaries

Union of Solitaries (UnionOfSolitaries.com) is a spiritual organization that brings together individuals from all Pagan Paths that share the same inclusive code of ethics. We seek to educate, accept, understand each other, and bring about changes that benefit the Earth and all who inhabit Her.

UoS University

UoS University (UoSUniversity.com) offices high-quality courses taught by experienced leaders in the Pagan community from a diverse array of traditions.


FaceGrimoire (FaceGrimoires.com) is a social network dedicated solely to serving the Pagan community. The need for this has arisen out of the recent expansion of the Pagan community as a whole and the unreasonable censorship and severely invasive practices of the facebook platform. The only advertising you will ever find will be Pagan-owned small businesses from our own community.

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