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Divination exploration

In my Divination Room, you may explore a number of divination methods. You also have access to free & unlimited online spreads using your choice of unique Oracle & Tarot cards, and you have the opportunity to book readings with the card authors.

“You shall find comfort and truth in the wisdom of a Beldam.”

– Supreme High Priestess

moon, sun, stars

In my Observatory, you can read the Daily Moon Forecast, get your Natal Chart, read your horoscope for the month.

card authors

Free advertising

Add your cards to the Divination Room's online Oracle & Tarot Card spread so people can get a free reading using your cards. A link to your product will be provided at no charge.

perform readings

Earn extra money by offering full readings via email, chat, and video chat. Booking and payment is taken care of for you. Unlike other sites, you set the price and earn much higher commission compared to commercial websites.


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